In case you missed it

I’m a girl who does not like change.

I like the things in my life to remain the same, predictable. I like my coffee in the same mug at the same time every morning. I like the same thing for breakfast every day, and I wear the same ratty old sweater around the house because it’s comfy. And familiar.

These past two years have brought about so much change in my life. Some very, very good, most not. Relationships, careers, new babies (well, just one baby!).  I thought I had been handling it well, until recently. I started to realize I wasn’t happy; I wished life was different. “If only _____ hadn’t of happened,” or “if only I could do both” replayed itself in my mind over and over again.

I was becoming bitter from the hurt my heart had experienced from so much turmoil. And I didn’t like who I was seeing in the mirror.

I had the wonderful privilege of being a guest contributor over at (in)courage this past week. I am excited and humbled and would love it if you popped over there to read the rest of this post!