Book Review:: The Fringe Hours

I’ll admit it. I chose to read this book because I really wanted some more time for myself.

As a mom of four, that’s practically a pipe dream. I mean, what mom truly has time to herself? Between the laundry and the cooking and the potty training accidents and the working and laundry and the requests for help with homework (did I mention laundry?), some days feel like I either need more hours or more me.

As it turns out, I really do have more time than I thought.

Jessica Turner’s book, The Fringe Hours, is a helpful tool to getting your priorities back on track. She tackles finding and maintaining balance, ridding yourself of guilt and comparison, ridding yourself of time wasters (or at least managing them) and learning to embrace the small pockets of time, a.k.a. the fringe hours, to invest in your own self-care.

I struggle a lot with the whole concept of investing in me. I feel rather selfish about it – I mean, I’m already pretty self-centered, is it even possible to think of myself more?

But as I continued to read about the value of making time for the things we love to do, I realized it wasn’t a selfish concept at all. Truly, when we take the time to do things we love to do, for however short a time, we finish feeling refreshed and ready to face that never dwindling pile of laundry with new energy.

The Fringe Hours has made me really analyze how I use those small moments in my day – and I was surprised by how many I actually have. It’s made me think about the things I do and whether they are life-giving or life-taking. And more importantly, in doing so I am able to begin to look at the have-to’s as things I get to do, because I am more able to be thankful for the mundane again.

I was provided with a free, digital copy of The Fringe Hours from Revell Publishers for my honest review. You can also join the (in)courage Bloom book club to check out what other readers are saying about this book.

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