Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Visit

What if instead of just visiting, we really stayed?

I've been thinking about this a lot of late. Of what it means to be real and honest and present in the moment.

What if instead of just visiting with our friends, we really shared our hearts?

What if instead of just visiting our family, we really loved and cherished the time spent?

What if instead of just visiting with God as we turn pages in our Bibles, we really stayed and listened for His still small voice?

What if we actually shared our hurting, our suffering? How would that change us? Those around us?

I've felt a stirring in my heart to be this. To stop wearing masks and start being who I am. It's scary and it's hard. There's safety in just visiting. We hide behind our cups of coffee and our muffins and we share only the things we want presented to the world.

The rest stays hidden. And we end up alone.

I know this. I am good at visiting. I am good at asking how you are doing and listening as you describe your day. But I am not good at sharing how I'm doing. I've struggled for months and I've done it alone because I haven't been able to move past visiting hours.

I'm working on getting better at that. At being real and honest and present in the moment.

At staying.


More on this on Thursday as part of the #RiskRejection series, and also because my five minutes are up!

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  1. Love this! There is so much freedom and power when we finally allow the masks to fall and shatter. Scary... yes. Risky and Vulnerable in all the ways we think - but worth it! Oh so worth it! (One of my favorite books on this topic is TrueFaced... so good! Then - of course, Brene Brown!) Great post! - Oh... and 'loves coffee'? Yeah... you had me at Coffee - both times!

    1. I don't think I've read that book - I need to add it to my list! (And always happy to see another coffee addict, I mean lover. ;) )

  2. It is awesome that you are stepping out this way. I often have no trouble expressing my hurts or struggles to friends I trust,but sometimes people don't listen well...this is where I feel like clamming up...I am sure you know what I mean-where you start to pour your heart out and you lose the person to their smart phone or they eyes and interest drift elsewhere... I think more of us would open up if others were less selfish and willing to listen. Praying those around you will respect and listen when you choose to be vulnerable...I think we both know how much God wants to use that. :)

    1. Dionne, I hear you. We need to work not just at being vulnerable, but also being willing to take the time to listen. I need to work on that one, too.

  3. I LOVE THIS! WAY TO GO, FRIEND!!! YES! Let's live life without masks as we move past visiting and "stay." Yes! This is beautiful. So excited to read more about your journey, friend!

  4. I struggle with sharing how I'm doing as well. I'm working hard at being present! It's not easy is it?!? I will be praying for you. xoxo

  5. I've struggled with this, too. You've written it so beautifully. I think I"ll be hearing "Visiting or Staying" echo in my ears.

  6. This is a great lesson to learn, and it takes lots of practice. Be sure the persons you share openly with are trustworthy. Funny thing is that when you start to "be real," it scares some people away. Others, like many here who've commented, understand what a risk it is and will affirm the effort. Hopefully they'll "be real" right back. That's when you know you have a friend for life!